Saturday, October 8, 2011

Renee Plains @ The Fat Quarters Quilt Shop

I had a wonderful opportunity to attend a class with a well known creative quilt designer name Renee Plains at my local quilt shop : The Fat Quarters.

The picture above shows
what Renee gave everyone who attended the class.

It's a pattern with instructions. I also purchased her newest book called " Stitches from the schoolhouse" published by Kansas City Star.

Well... about the class, I totally forgot to take my MUST HAVE applique pins!!!!!


but Thanks God,

applique pins!

That's the good thing about taking classes at a quilt shop, right. *LOL*

Renee's class was wonderful.
She is a very charming person and top-nutch quilting teacher.

I also had a great time with my quilting buddy, Lisa who is always there for me.
We had a very cheerful time together in this class.

I also had a wonderful time there with Julie. I always wanted to take her class @ The FQ,
Good thing she happen to be @ today's class.

She brought some of her "Famous Cupcakes" for the class!!!!

Aren't they darn cute?????
Ladies, I can tell you, Julie's cupcakes are SO pretty
but also VERY TASTY!!!!!

Julie, I bet you beat "Sprinkles" AKA the cupcake phenomenon!!! :-)

Speaking about classmates,
I met Beth who I knew through blogland.
I had a great time with you, Beth!!!

O.K... back to Renee's class.....

She and Michelle gave some "give-aways" gifts in the class
and I won this little mystery box.

Ah.... Don't you just love the presentation!?

I opened the box...

(drum music begin in your head. Drrrrrrrr......)

there's a beautiful necklace made by Renee


Can you imagine,
I'm happy dancing right about NOW.

Renee's also autographed her newest book for me.

As you can see in this picture, I've been one of her fans for a good while. :-)

I came home with motivation as high as Mt. Fuji.
That the highest mountain in my homeland of Japan.

I finished my first "Our Old Neighborhood" house block.