Saturday, May 22, 2010

OH MY GOD! Moment

I went to the Fat Quarters quilt shop to pick up my copy of Jo Morton's newest book the other day.
Well, I was at the cashier looking through page after page of beautiful quilts then.... My jaws dropped!
There it was, the hexagon measure tape that I made for Jo was in one of the pictures!!!!
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

I was happy dancing like crazy!!!

This book contained so many beautiful quilts that I want to make.
Jo's color choices are always inspiring. I was also surprised by the thickness of this book.
It's a great book, believe me. :-)

Well, I have some of Jo's FQ bundles ( Ravenwood, Cocoa Express and Compliments) for future use.
Some will go to projects in this book.


取り置きを頼んでいたJo Mortonさんの新刊が入荷したということで、先日キルトショップに引き取りに行ってきました。



Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another quilt top done

I was recently at "The Fat Quarters" quilt shop for my Jo Morton's Little women club meeting working on our next quilt.
We are making a quilt called "Keystone Medallion" and I'm using my precious Featherweight.
Yes, I do use a sewing machine from time to time.

I'm in a good mood for sewing. So I stitched up this quilt in just a couple of days. Boy, I was on fire. *LOL*

Here is my version of Keystone Medallion quilt.
I used the color scheme from an antique Pennsylvania-Dutch quilt.


2週間ほど前に出席したJo Mortonさんのクラブの模様です。(といっても、写真は上段のもののみがクラスのものだけど。。。)
今回はKeystone Medallionというキルトで、ネブラスカのキルトスタディセンター所蔵のアンティークがモデルとなっているものです。
自宅に戻っても、そのミシン縫いの勢いは止まらず。 2日でトップが仕上がりました。

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Recent additions

I picked up these books from my recent trip to The Fat Quarters quilt shop.
I truly 'LOVE' Primitive Gatherings newest book called " Summer gatherings".
Here and here you can take a peak at some of the truly wonderful thing that are in this book.

This evening I'm in my June Cleaver mood so I made some Oatmeal and dried cherry cookies.

I made just the cherry version but if you are a chocolate lover, you can add some chocolate chips.
My house smells so divine, Cinnamon and Vanilla in the air. :-)


どれも布選び、色合せの参考にするのに抜群なものばかりですが、中でも私のイチ押しはPrimitive Gatheringsの新刊、Summer gatherings。
中に掲載のキルトは勿論、ウールの作品もどれを見ても可愛い。 久々にツボにはまった本です。


Monday, May 10, 2010

Time to update

I know I know, I've been out of blogworld for a good while (again) and it's already May. Gee!
"What has she done in all this time off?", you may thinking.

Well, I've been working on some of my on going Jo Morton's Little women club things and some other on going projects.
This sweet little star quilt is one of Jo's LW club project called "Bittersweet stars".
I use Jo's Indigo berries fabric line with the poison green fabric and I love the results. :-)

Also I've been working on some of my consignment items for The Fat Quarters quilt shop.

I haven't done any applique block for quite a while so it's so very nice to start with stitching up a wool applique.

An another cross stitch. I love this flower pot very much.
It's a Stacy Nash's design. She always have her design very primitive and beautiful.

Alright, sounds like I'm so busy, HUn???
Is this a good excuse for my blog absentee??? *LOL*