Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little Women club # 9

Last night was the first meeting for my Jo's Little women club # 9 class at my LQS.
Our first LW quilt is this nine patch called "Autumn crossing" and our teacher Kathy made this sample.
Isn't it gorgeous?

This is Kathy's Jo fabric box.
It's like a treasure box, don't you think??
I have some Jo's old fabric lines but Kathy has more. Can't stop looking in her box and seeing all the beautiful collections of fabrics! LOL*

Kathy's husband brought a PC to class so we all could watch on Youtube Jo's fabric schoolhouse by Andover Fabrics.
She is talking about her fabric lines and LW club # 9. If you never seeing this video you can watch it here.

I'm very thrill that I am able to take this class with my quilting buddy, Lisa.
She and I've been quilting friends since I became quilter but never had a chance to take any classes together.
So we are very excited and happy to be attending LW club class together.

Lisa is strip piecing her nine patches by Jo's direction.

and I'm piecing nine patches the old fashion way.*LOL*
I just LOVE this sweet little nine patch!

Our first meeting was very success.
Kathy's instruction and Michelle's(the owner of LQS) knowledge of fabrics were so helpful.
Also I met many other LW girls and they are all very sweet ladies.
We all had a wonderful time together and I'm looking forward to seeing them at the next LW meeting. :-)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

HST tools

Here's my HST for Jo Morton's LeMoyne star.

I have several tools to make those HST and this is tool #1

It's a Quick Quarter by Quilter's Ruler which I bought many years ago.
I followed Jo's instructions and made these HST with this Quick Quarter Ruler
Here's tool # 2, a 1/4" seam line ruler.

I use this ruler to draw my 1/4 " seam line.
This is my "must have" tool for hand piecing specially if I'm cutting fabric without a template.

As you see in the picture above, I made lines for sewing and cutting.

BTW, this is another tool that I love to use when I make a HST ( tool 3#).
It makes marking a line 7/8" so easy for a HST. (exp, If you want to make a 2" sawtooth block, cut 2-7/8" squares )

If I have to make a numerous amount of HST, this is the weapon.*LOL*

Here I pinned and pieced both lines, cutting the square diagonally, Voila! I have two sawtooth blocks.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jo's class part 2

O.K. I'm going to talk about Jo's class and my LeMoyne star blocks as I told you yesterday.

Here's the template that Jo taught us.
As some of you knows I use a cereal/cookie box for the template ( like the 1800's women*LOL*).
Well, Jo's template technique is very easy and much better than cardboard because it won't ware out. I'll stick with this way for now on, yup I'll up grade my 18th century sewing to the 21st century.
Plastic, here I come! *LOL*

These are my Lemoyne stars.
Jo showed me how to press them so that the seam lay flat.

Jo actually ironed and pressed these blocks for me.
Now I'm thinking about not using these blocks, I want to treasure them as a keepsak! :-D

So, I used the same fabrics and made more blocks.

The block pressed by Jo" will go to my Jo's Little Women club binder as a treasure.

Here's more of my LeMoyne stars.
I learn so much from Jo Morton.
I hand piece very often but she taught me different ways to hand piece and I love it!
She is a very sweet, charming, and wonderful teacher.
Each moment with Jo was so precious and I definitely love to attend her class again. ( and I hope I'll have a chance...)
Also I had a wonderful time with all ladies at her class. I was a quiet one, but I enjoyed listening to everybody's conversations. :-)
*To Linda*
Thank you for stopping by my blog.
I'd like to e-mail you, please send me your e-mail address. :-)

I was Jo's helper at the class and earned a "helper" pin from the shows organizer but the most delighted thing was this 5" charm set that Jo gave me.

This is Jo's upcoming fabric line called "INDIGO BERRIES" from Andover fabrics due in February.
Very beautiful, I need to tell Michelle to reserve a FQ set for me. :-)

I asked Jo could she autograph my book and here it is, she even personalized it for me. :-)
Oh, I'm in heaven!!

If you want to know how to hand piece LeMoyne star, this is the book to learn by.
Her instruction is very clear and easy to follow.
I love Jo's books because she writes a little story behind each quilts that make it a good read.
When I need motivations, I know I'll pick up this book and read the little story behind her LeMoyne star quilt. :-)

Friday, January 15, 2010

the best treat ever

I want to scream, yes, I really want to SCREAM"WOW!!!!!!!"

I attend Jo's class this Wednesday at Road to California quilt show.
She show us her gorgeous quilts and taught us how to hand piece Lemoyne star block.

Here's Jo's diamond pieces, carefully pinned and ready to hand piece.

This is Jo's block not yet pieced. watch carefully, she coordinate tan fabric's stripes goes one direction.

Here's Jo's beautiful Lemoyne star block front,

and back. The front is absolutely beautiful and the back is a twin beauty. It amazes me the way her pieces lay nice and flat.
As a person who hand pieces it was a pleasure that I could actually touch her block to see her beautiful hand stitches.
Believe me, it's was a breathtaking sight!

Here is Jo with her gorgeous "wish upon a star" quilt.

Another beauty,"Indigo Moment" quilt.

Here's a close up of "Indigo Moment". Lovely!

"Wish upon a star" laid on a grand piano glamorously just like the vintage bikini pinup girl from Coca Cola AD. :-D

Close up "Wish upon a star", I believe Jo said this is her favorite block (right, Jo??) and mine too.
Absolutely delectable!
This is beginning to be a long post so I'll tell you more about this class and my Lemoyne star blocks maybe tomorrow.

Last but not least, I'd like to say Thank You to the people who left the kind and warm welcome comments for my hubby on my last post.
We had a wonderful holiday together and kids are having a great time with their father everyday. My hubby also want to say Thank You to all.

****Note from HUBBY***

Me and my Marines are back save and sound. Afghanistan was hot, dry, and exciting. Seven and a half months but I had a great time with my Marines. Sometime when I had some down time I looked at my wife's blog. It was good to see she stayed busy quilting and Yes shopping. Thank You all the wonderful comments.

Here are some of the pictures from this deployment.
Semper Fi,