Monday, November 30, 2009

Silent Night

This is my current small project for this Christmas.
It's Marcie from Patchalot Christmas free pattern, you''ll see it on her website here.
I know it's very different than usual Christmasy-color, right?

Well, I was searching for some ideas and saw this picture in Japanese quilt magazine.
I though it was kind of neat color scheme for Marice's stars, very muted, much alike Japanese Taupe style beauty.

Friday, November 6, 2009

What's up!?

This is my newest priority(aka: MUST FINISH ASAP) project.
Yes, It's Grandmother's Garden. I'm making this quilt for my dearest Grandma who is in a hospital since this February.
My Grandma had a gifted green thumb. She loves flowers and Her garden was always full of beautiful flowers.So this quilt fits in her life perfectly.

I keep those hexagons in my Shiseido cookie tin can. (yup, it's Shiseido, the cosmetic Co. but they also has a restaurant/cafe in Tokyo, very fancy place.)

The other day I went to my LQS, Fat Quarters, as weekly routine.*LOL*
and made more damages for my Hubby.*LOL*
Jo Morton's Toast 2 was there and I grabbed F-Quarters bundle. It was 25% off, good deal, Hun? (FIY, I think all F-Quarter bundle is 25%off till Saturday.)
I bought some Japanese fabrics and my latest love, French General from Moda.

Also I went to my local book store and bought the Farmer's wife sampler quilt book.
I've been keep my eye on this book for several weeks and finally, my sticky finger couldn't resist.
I need to erase all my purchase posts on this blog before my Hubby sees them! *LOL*


このキルト、見ての通り「Grandmother's Flower Garden(おばあさんの花園)」で、これは今年2月から入院中の大好きな祖母にプレゼントするためのものです。
そして、このヘキサゴンのピースを収納するのにピッタリなTin缶、お気づきの方も多いのでは? 資生堂パーラーのクッキーの缶です。(そうそうあれだよ~、maiちゃん。次回行ったらまた買いたい。。。今度はもっと多く入ってるの。笑)
布はJoさんの一番新しいラインとLQSのオーナーがヒューストンで買い付けてきた日本のトープ、それにここ最近の私の一番のお気に入り、ModaのFrench Generalのものです。
そして、またしても本。Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt、じゅんさん、買っちゃったよ、やっぱり。(笑)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Wow, time's fly so quick. It's already November! and seems like I've been saying this comment a lot.*LOL*

O.K. where to start....?? I was pretty busy working on my goodies last couple weeks.
Even though I managed to finish Pumpkin Wreath wall hanging quilt top.
You see the picture above is my newest goodies which is in my LQS, The Fat Quarters Quilt Shop right now. (FIY: F-Quarters has the online shop now!)
The doll is one of a kind, I don't make same doll twice. :-)
I hope she'll find her new friend and home pretty soon.


そんな忙しい中に、制作中のパンプキンのWall Hangingのキルトトップだけはどうにか完成させたんですけどね、まだキルティング、いや、その前のBastingが待ってる状態です。