Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spirit of Christmas

I adore this Christmas quilt.
I took a picture of this quilt when I visited my dear friend Susan's class couple weeks ago.
Susan is a master longarm quilter and also teaching a class at my LQS. This quilt is one of her customer's.
Isn't it darling?

I specially love the snowman on the upper left and pinecorn. They are SOooooo cute.

Those lovely blocks are Cheri's, from this book.
This book is my all time favorite, So many cute block pictures gave me a joyful Christmas spirit.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Treat from Michelle

I went to my LQS, The Fat quarters today to see new things from Houston quilt Market and I received a big surprise from Michelle, the owner.

She knows how much I love Jan Patek, So when she was at Jan's booth, she got this autograph book for me!!!!
I was very moved her generosity. 
This is a real treat, She made my day, no, made my month!
Thank you SOOoooooooooooo much, Michelle, your are a doll!!!!

and here's as usual, my purchase at the shop.
"Gone to Texas" is one of my anxiously awaited book and let me tell you, This book is a winner.
I love every page of it!
an another book is Anni Downs "A Christmas Story". I saw this book last year but never had a chance to put my sticky fingers on it.*LOL*
Michelle picked this copy for me at the Quilt Market. Again, Thank you Michelle!!
Also I bought Presencia's Jo Morton treads pack and some fabrics.

BTW, I didn't update my blog a week. So I wanted to show you my last week's purchase, wonderful Stafford county fabric line by Jo Morton & Inkwell Reds by Judie Rothermel .

Do I go to my LQS every week??? It seems like, Hun?*LOL*

Also, I want to Thank you for leaving the wonderful comments on my last post.
I'm so sorry that I didn't reply you quickly. Please give me a time, I'll get back with you as soon as possible. :-)



あとは、Jo Mortonさんの糸のパック。これを見た時に、日本のキルトパーティ(株)の斉藤謡子先生が選んでパックにされている糸達を思い出しました。確か、こんな風にセットになっていたような。。。


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This is MY JOINT

Yes, This is my joint, THE ONE.
The Fat Quarters Quilt Shop.
I'd like to show you the inside of this lovely shop, (Yup, Stina, this is for you!)

This is the cash counter, I LOVE this antique seed counter.

right next to the cashier, you'll see wonderful world of WOOLS!

Don't you love this sign?
It hang behind the cash register, the perfect spot.*LOL*

other side of the cash counter, many MANY goodies you'll find.

Michelle, the owner and her staff always make beautiful kits and this quilt is one of those.

an another charming kit. Isn't it darling?

The cupboard full of wool felts and cute homespun bundles.

A lots of Cheri Saffiote-Payne's quilt books and patterns.
It always inspired me.

Another Cheri's quilts.

and more Cheri's!

This is "Jo Morton's room".
Yup, It called "Jo Morton's room". *S* as you see Jo's beautiful fabrics!

In Jo's room, I saw this quilt on a wall. I really love this quilt!!!
It's in Primitive Gatherings book called "Autumn Gatherings".
I couldn't resist to buy this book!

This room called "Judie's room".
yes, it named after Judie Rothermel. You'll be able to find the great collection of her lines .

On Judie's room's wall, more Cheri's quilts.
This Christmas stitchery wall hanging is her newest pattern. She collaborate with her sister Barri Badger. It just SOooooo cute!

This is plaids and flannel room, It's heaven for plaids lover!

The gorgeous quilt pattern by Jan Patek and fabrics from Moda.
I believe Michelle make a kit for this quilt.

and here's the notion cubby. This is the cutest notion station, Don't you think?

Wall full of Bareroots (Barri Badger) samples and patterns.

This is right next to the cutting table, another lovely homespuns and shelf full of Amy Butler.

All fabrics are in color order except Jo, Judie and the latest collections.

shop tour isn't over yet! This shop has upstairs too. :-D

When you go upstairs, you'll see a lot of 30's and fabrics for childern.
left side,

right side,

It make you feel like you are in Grandma's attic.
This is my daughter's favorite spot also.

This is the class room with sample quilts for up coming class.
BTW, Have you ever check Julie's blog before? She teaches here.
If you haven't seen her blog, be sure to check. She does so many lovely things.

more samples. I love those quilts.

My little witch on a cash counter.
FIY: Michelle is working on the online shop right now. This is a wonderful news for people who won't be able to visit this store or doesn't have time to stop by at this shop or love online shopping all time, etc, etc... :-)
I'll let you know when she launched her web shop.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Little witch

I made this cute little witch over the weekend.
The doll making is another my affection beside quilt making although I haven't had a time to making a doll for a while.

I dipped her into my secret concoction tea dye and now it's very grungy, that's the way I love.
She will be at my LQS The Fat Quarters tomorrow. :-)


Thursday, October 1, 2009


YEeS! It's the most wonderful time of the year began! *S*
Autumn through Winter is my favorite time of the year since when I was a little kid.
I wasn't too excited to go to the school on cold snowy winter days, but my most favorite time was after I came home from school, I cuddled in KOTATSU with my Grandma who was knitting.

I started this pumpkin wreath quilt. It's from my Idol Jan Patek's book.
It looks more Halloween-ish then an original one.
I still need to sew HST and borders. Hopefully I'll be able to finish before Halloween!


只今制作中のパンプキンモチーフのキルトです。 大好きなJan Patekさんのデザインでオリジナルよりも私のほうが布の雰囲気からしてハロウィンっぽい感じになってます。