Monday, September 28, 2009

My hubby called me so I told him that I bought a lamp at The Country Loft.
You know what he said right away???

"Why not at Kmart!?"


That's SO "HIM".
He has good humor and I get a kick of it all time.*LOL*

Did I tell him how much damage he got this time? Nar, not on the phone.

He will be like this If I told him!

FIY "Sanford and Son" Old man Fred.
Here's the clip, check out part 1:37

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Down to south

I needed to go down the south to hit a Japanese grocery store today so I stopped by The Country Loft .

I picked up my copy of the long waiting book "Wool Crazy"by JAM.
Here is a very talented Ms. JoAnn Mullaly, signing my book.
She is a lovely woman just like her dolls and quilts.

and her gorgeous Wool Crazy!!! I feel so lucky to see this beautiful quilt in person.

Here's my copy with very cute hand made book leaf. Isn't this book leaf adorable?? What a cute idea.
Inside a book, I tell you, just SOoooooo MARVELOUS!!!!
the instruction is JoAnn's lovely hand writings also, LOove her hand writing.
you can see her writing on C-Loft's newsletter. :-)

and here's my purchase. (yes, Lisa, I bought this lamp! but I have a good excuse.*LOL*)
The lamp is Katie's Light House's. plus some wools, pearl cottons and patchwork bag pattern by JAM.

My blogger friend, Ms.Merumo asked me if I could take some picture of The-C-Loft.
So here you go, "Tour Of The Country Loft" *S*

"Living room" area

JoAnn's class in October. Aren't they darling?

The cupboard full of goodies.
Halloween treat bags are JoAnn's pattern also.

cupboard close up, very cute trick-a-treaters.

Tons of lovely quilts on antique ladder.

yummy fabrics!

The cutting table #1.

be sure to look up, so many good things is hanging on the wall.

Wooden cubby full of wool felts,

more wools,

Another adorable pumpkins pattern by JoAnn.

cutting table #2

behind of the cutting table,

Cheri's patterns and JoAnn's doll. Darn cute!
another cubby with more goodies,

Here's a backyard shed.

and inside of shed,

back to inside the store,

Maggie Bonanomi's beautiful wool BOM on an antique bed.

the side of bed, you'll find more goodies!



Thursday, September 24, 2009

Plain Jane

This is Plain Jane.
I finished this little quilt couple month ago but never had a chance to show on the blog.
The pattern by Cheri Saffiote-Payne sized is 17" x 23"
Very typical Cheri quilt and I love it!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Black out

Nah, not the black out.
Just time flying so quick and I found my last blog update was a month ago! *LOL*

I made the quilt above to my son's first grade teacher several years ago. It's Jan Patek's pattern and I enjoyed making little people around the border.
It's one of my favorite quilt although I don't own it. Perhaps I should make this quilt again, this time just for me and kids. :-)

During a blog break, I've been working on my hubby's quilt so hard. I hope that I'll be able to finish it before October.
Wish me luck!