Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Poison green

I love this doll quilt.
I finished quilting a while back but never show you a finished photo.
Don't you love a poison green?? It's one of my favorites color. :-)

Here is a close up picture.
Also I made this darling scissor holder. It's Stacy Nash's design. (yes, of cause.)


Karen said...

Oh, I do love poison green! Wonder why it is called that.

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

Very nice! The quilt is so cute for a doll bed! The the little scissor holder is very unique and pretty too.

Kathie said...

If I send you my quilt top like this do you want to quilt it for me!
I LOVE the ways your came out
OH Lea just love that scissor holder , it would be perfect for me I am always dropping my scissors when I am appliqueing, not sure why? LOL
Hope you are doing well, I think of you often and your DH is safe and the kiddies are doing well with him away.

Stina said...

Ahhh..you did it again.. love the quilt... the green is really standing out.. love it..:o)
And for the little scissor holder... IM IN LOVE!!!! :o)
Stacy Nash you said... :o)

Karrin Hurd said...

Lovely Lea! Poison green is one of my favorite colors. That scissor holder is cute

Libby said...

Wonderful! That little scissor holder is just darling.

pamina said...

Love poison green too ! And yourlittle quilt of course !

Gwendie said...

Lovely, quaint quilt and scissor holder!

Love your blog! These are very nice little quilts you make.

Marisa said...

Oh Lea, I forget what part of California you live in, but I would love to quilt with you. Your little quilt as awesome adorable. I have a little reproduction project that I'm working on. If you would ever like to do a swap with me, let me know. We could call it the 'super-tiny quilt swap' and just make a teenie 8 inch quilt to swap. I do so love your work.

じゅん said...

こう言ったグリーンはpoison greenって言うのね。

Judy said...

Just fabulous Lea!

Julie's Keepsakes said...

I knew that was a SN piece!!! She's easy to spot. You did a great job, Lea. Are you going to hang your doll quilt? That would look so cute on a wall.