Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Doll quilt and little note

I'm very busy cleaning up my soon to be old house.
This quilt will be my last post that I will do while I'm in Japan.
Here is my most recent finished quilt.
I made a doll quilt again (yes again).
I got inspired by a Quilter's Newsletter Magazine's article that was about an antique doll and crib quilt and it made me want to have one for my daughter's doll.
Made by hand piecing and quilting.

Here is a picture with her doll and my doll.*S*
My daughter's doll is an American Girl doll.
I visited the American Girl Place in Chicago when my son was about 4 years old. Well, of cause he wasn't interested at all.*LOL*
But I loved that place and dream about visiting this store with my little girl one day.
Well, well, finally one of my dream may come true, almost.*S*
We'll be able to visit the American Girl Place in L.A.!
Or maybe we'll visit the American Girl Boutique and Bistro in Dallas this summer!!!! (I can hear my hubby and son screaming "NOooooooooo!!!!!!")

Anyway, our big moving day is getting closer. It's starts the 26th.
This mean we won't be able to use our PC. Yes, no Internet. Well, sort of....
My hubby has an i-touch and we'll be able to use the internet and e-mail. But I won't be on blogland much.
I'll update my blog and tell you what's going on as much as I can during our travel across country.
Hopefully, we'll be able to settle in California sometime late July.
When I officially start my blog again, I'll have a "back to U.S.A. give away"on my blog.
I'll let you know what I'll be giving away and how to enter for the prize in the near future.
Last but not least, I'll miss you all and see you soon!



アメリカのキルト雑誌「Quilter's Newsletter Magazine」に写真が載っていたものをレプリカしてみました。
娘が可愛がってるAmerican Girlという会社の人形用に作ったので娘の人形と一緒に載せてみました。ついでに、私のミーコちゃん人形も。このミーコちゃんのお顔はFolk art作家のyukoさんが描いていらっしゃいます。セルやさんのミーコちゃんとは表情が違うんですよ。


Friday, June 13, 2008

Last minute shopping

What am I doing lately??
Well.... My hubby thought we'll be moving back to U.S. in the middle of June, but actually, it will be in the middle of JULY.
Yes, he misread his order! *LOL*
This mean, I still have a little time to shop, yup last minute shopping!
I ordered these bread making equipments and recipe books from a Japanese cooking tool shop.
Those books are from the same author. My best friend recommended her book and here they are, I bought them all! *LOL*
Those breads in the book are looks sooooo good.
Japanese breads taste heavenly. If you have a chance to visit Japan, please grab some Japanese bakery's bread and taste it. You won't be disappoint, I promise!

Anyway, my family is so use to eat Japanese breads.
Well... Hopefully, I'll make some tasty bread for them. (I'm crossing my fingers!)

I also got these quilt book and magazine.
(Yes, Yes I know that I should wait a month then I can REALLY shop around at quilt shop.)

I really love this Lincoln museum quilt and I'm thinking about make one for my son in the near future.
This book (or I should called it a leaflet) contained some very interesting article about Lincoln's boyhood era textile & quilt. Some quilt pattern are displayed at the Lincoln museum in Springfield. IL.
I hope that I can visit the Lincoln museum one day.*S*

Here are some goodies that I received recently.
The Barbara Brackman's book is for my birthday. A gift from my dear friend Jun. Thank you, Jun!
She is making a Barbara Brackman's Underground Railroad club quilt and It looks wonderful.
This Barbara's book seems like a good to read. I love reading about quilts history, specially during Civil War era.
The fat quarters are Jan Patek's. I'm in her FQ club and receiving her FQ set every other month.
Her FQ bundle is the new fabric line Hemming House. I love those aqua blue fabric!


実は、まだ少し追加で欲しいものがあります。(笑) パン職人にでもなる気か!?ってなぐらいの勢いです。

本はBarbara Brackmanさんのもので誕生日プレゼントにと仲良しのじゅんさんから送られてきました。
ちなみに、じゅんさんはBarbaraさんのUnderground Railroad Clubのキルトを作っていらっしゃいます。これも素敵なキルトですよ~。
その横に写ってるのがJan Patekさんの布セット。彼女の布のクラブに入っているので2ヶ月に一回の割合で布セットが送られてきます。
今回は彼女の新作のHemming Houseのもの。このアクアブルーの布がかなりお気に入りです。

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Doll wrapper

I finished my replica antique doll quilt.
Well, it's actually not an ordinary "QUILT".
I made a doll wrapper. Yes, it's a case to carry my dolls.
Have you ever heard about the history of "Church dolls"?
Back to 1800's-early 1900's, some Churchs provided cloth dolls to little children to keep them busy during serves.
Also I believe some mothers made cloth dolls cases so the children can carry them around church and play with it during serves.

Well, I got this idea based on this Church doll story and wanted to make my version.
I made this doll wrapper carrier for my celluloid "Miko" doll.
Do you think it's too much? *LOL*