Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ode to Kathie

When I first saw Kathie's amazing tumbler quilt in American Patchwork & Quilting magazine's 2008 Calendar advertisement, I wanted to make this quilt so bad.
So I ordered the calendar over a month ago. Boy, it took an entire month and some to reached me. I bet they used the super slow snail mail.(My hubby said they used the little boat with the little motor to shipped it here. *LOL*)

Anyway I started making this quilt yesterday.
Kathie's original quilt is 66-7/8" x 81-1/2" but mine will be a doll size quilt. I haven't decided how small this quilt will be yet and yes I'm going to be piecing it by hand again. :-)

I also finished basthing my Wonky hearts quilt last night.
This picture shows my "basthing kit". Why I use a spoon?
Well, I saw one of Japan's well-known quilter name Yoko Saitou using a spoon for basting. She was using a meguering spoon like the ones that come with baby formula.
I tried it before but that spoon is sort of hard and has no spring.

Then one day, I was eating ice cream with a plastic spoon and just thought "Hey, I always have plastic spoon .... Why not use them for basting!"
I was right, this spoon is better than the one for baby formula and I don't have to worry if I brake it. I have tons of left over plastic spoons from the family camping trips.
FYI, I like the Dixi's. *LOL*

去年、雑誌American Patchwork & Quiltingで2008年度のカレンダーの表紙を見た時に一目惚れしたキルト、実はここに遊びに来てくださっているKathieさんのものなのです。
で、先日から作り始めました。といっても、オリジナルはかなり大きなサイズなので、縮小させてもらってDoll quiltとして作っています。
それと、先日仕上がったWonky Heartsのキルトトップのしつけを昨夜終わらせました。

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The signature

I finished piecing together all my Wonky Hearts blocks and now I'm auditioning the border fabric but I haven't decided on anything yet.
So today, I'd like to show another on going project progress.
I applique a GG's block a few days ago.
I love Jan's house blocks. I have made numerous of her patterns with houses in them and I still love and enjoy making them.

Also I received Jan's mystery quilt 2008 first block .
I wasn't going to make this year's mystery quilt but somehow they send me the installment.
I could cancel it, but Jan said that this year's mystery quilt will be houses and gardens.
Oh well, how can I resist this!*LOL*
(My hubby reads my blog all the time and I know he will say "I thought you'll quit this year's mystery club!!!! Well, I got to send him fishing this weekend or let him order whatever he wants from the Bass Pro Shop.*LOL*)


先日までやっていたWonky heartsのブロックは残すところボーダーのピーシングのみです。が、まだどの布をボーダーにするかを検討中なので、これはちょっと置いといて、Janさんの今年のGGのブロックのアップリケをしてました。
そのJanさんなのですが、先日彼女の今年のMystery quiltのブロックが届きました。
これも返送してキャンセルしてもらう事も出来たのですが、今年のMysteryのテーマはHouses & Gardenだそうで。。。。

Monday, January 28, 2008

Wonky hearts update

Thank you all for the very nice compliments on my wonky heart block but I would like to set the record straight on this pattern.
I used a pattern from Cheri Saffiote-Payne's . This block is not one of my original.
I'd like to respect artist and their hard work. :-)
Here you can see more of my wonky hearts that I developed yesterday.
I need a couple more blocks then I'll start the sashings and borders.
Hopefully, I'll finish before Valentin's day. :-)
先日更新したWonky heart blockなのですが、これは私のオリジナルではなく、Cheriさんのものです。

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wonky heart

I saw that my scraps where getting out of control and I was thinking that I need to do something quickly.....
So here I go, started sewing my odd & ends together.

Then, I made this scrappy wonky heart. :-)


Doll quiltが一段落して、Scrapの入ってる箱を見ると溢れかえらんばかりの布、しかもチビた布が山のようになってました。(苦笑)
これはどうにかしないといけないって思い、そのScraps達をStrip piecingで縫い合わせてって、こんなハートのブロックを作りました。

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Doll quilt lover

I just finished my Lemoyne star doll quilt.
I used Jo Morton's pattern but changed the color scheme a little bit.
I used some of the poison green fabric that was send to me by Karrin (Winter quilt swap).
I love antique quilts with poison green in them and wanted to make one so bad and here it is. This one measures 9"x 9". All pieced and quilted by hand. :-)
I'll make a large size quilt with poison green in it one day. Honestly, I promise. *LOL*

先日から作っていたLemoyne starのDoll quiltが完成しました。
今回使ったPoison greenといわれるReproの布はこの前Winter quiltを贈ってくださったKarrinさんから頂いたものです。
このね、Poison greenって、アンティークのキルトに使われてあったりしてかなり好きなカラーの一つです。
今回は小さなDoll quiltだったけど、今度作る時には是非このカラーの布を使って大きなキルトを作りたいな~。。。って、UFOがいっぱいありすぎるからねぇ。。。いつになることか。。。。(笑)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Something I like

I often like to read a book before I go to sleep and recently I read one of Gwen Marston's book.

Gwen writing always have useful information, specially her description of antique quilts.
She is a great quilter and also a great writer. The Quilter's Hall of Fame Mary Schafer is such a great book.
Gwen has had a wonderful friendship with Mary for several decades and I can see their passion for quilts in this book.
Mary's quilts are beautiful and her quilting work is amazing. I think this book is worth every penny I paid. :-)

Well, I'm still piecing my Lemoyne star block and here is a picture of me hand piecing.
I use a cutter that fits on my thumb which makes cutting fast. I have next to no exact movement such as grabbing needles, scissors, and etc,etc.... :-)
Oh...I can't live without this little guy! *LOL*

Whoever invent this ring cutter is very clever! *******************************

前にも夜寝る前に本を読む話をしましたが、最近読んでいるのがこの本。アメリカのキルターズ ホール オブ フェイムを受賞されたMary Schaferさんの事を長年お友達であったGwen Marstonさんが書かれたものです。





Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Great rug

I was watching the Tokyo International Quilt Show on Japanese TV Sunday.
They had some antique quilts from the United States and Sweden in the show. When they were showing Swedish antiuqe quilts this rug caught my eye.
Well, Actually it was two different rugs. One was more like a wool quilt and the other is Penny rug-ish.
A Swedish lady was explaining about this rug and called it "Heels". Because it looks like "Heel".

The embroidery is amazing.
I heard that Sweden is very popular for embroidery and cross stitch.
I fall in love with these rugs!
I would like to sit and exam all of the blocks.
Ahhhh...I wish I could have a better image of these rug....
Now, I'm deeply regreting that I didn't go to the show this year. Aaaaahhgg..

This show also has a Lincoln memorial quilt on exhibit.
I'm a Quilt history buff and this is another reason that I regret not attending.
I already told my hubby that I'll go to this quilt show next year if we are still here. :-)



Monday, January 21, 2008

Smaller, The Better

I was quilting my crow wall-hanging then I got bored. So I started making these tiny blocks by hand.
I used a cardboard box for the templates just like the quilters in the 1800's. :-)
These Lemoyne star block are 3.5" each.
They are smaller than Dear Jane blocks!
Eeewwwwww.... What am I thinking. *LOL*
Well, I love small blocks, obviously...*LOL*
O.K.... I was visiting my quilter friends blogs and they were talking about how messy their quilting tables are.*LOL*
Dawn and Judy, I salute you for your courage and Thank you so much for posting your "Creativity" tables!. :-D

Well, Speaking about mess.
My table is the messiest.
This picture shows my table wa-a-ay better than usual.
I have so many quilt books build up on one side of my table with future projects and fabrics on top of them.
One time when I cleaned up my table, I found a super dried raisin behind the pile of books, projects, fabrics, and whatever .
Oh, I freaked out for a second. *LOL*


先日も書いたWall hangingのキルティングをやってたんですけどね、飽きちゃって~。(爆)UFOには見向きもせずに、新しくブロックなんかを作っちゃったりしています。何やってんだか、でしょ。。。(笑)


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Happy Dance!

I received my Winter Quilt Swap quilt today!!
Oh, It was a big surprise for me. My quilt swap partner was Karrin from Karrin's Crazy World blog!!!!!

She has been dropping by my blog frequency. I just visited her blog and saw her new crazy quilt block beautifully framed for her daughter's birthday present. AWESOME :-)

When I saw her Winter quilt, I was wishing that I would be the lucky recipient, and Boy! I AM!!! :-)
She gave me the sweetest Santa quilt and I love her work deeply.
She picked the perfect fabrics for this quilt. I see some of the fabrics are Jan Patek's fabrics that are out of print.
Ahhhhhh.... She definitely knows my style and I can't appreciate that enough!
I'll hang this quilt on my quilt room's wall.
Even though this is a Christmas quilt, Christmas is my favorite time of year and I'll love to see Karrin's beautiful work throughout the year. :-)

Then around Christmas time, I'll hang this quilt up with a wall hanging that I made from a Jan Patek's pattern several year's ago.
They will go together perfectly. :-)

She also gave me some lovely reproductive fabrics. I love them so much.
The poison green is one of my favorite Repro color! (Karrin too.)

When I saw these fabrics, I thought she was reading my mind! I was thinking about ordering some chrome yellow fabric! *LOL*
Thank you so-o-o-o-o much, Karrin!!!!!!

Four seasons quilt swapのメンバーから私宛にWinter quiltが届きました。
Jan Patekさんのパターンもさる事ながら、使ってる布がズバリ私好みです。
私の大好きなPoison GreenそしてChrome yellowは丁度この色をオーダーしようと思ってた矢先だっただけにこれまたビックリです。

Friday, January 18, 2008

Another day, Another project

First of all, Thank you all so much for leaving such very kind compliments for my latest UFO accomplishment.

I'm starting to work again on another on going project that I had for sometime.
I have been a member of Jan Patek's Girl Gang for several years and here is my most current GG quilt blocks.
I finished two blocks so far. But I'm a little bit behind schedule and need to catch up.

I usually cut fabrics during the day and stitch at night.
Today it's really cold here in Japan so I think it's a good idea to start quilting my newest project at night with a good old movie and a hot cup of milk tea. :-)


JanさんのGirl Gangというクラブのメンバーになって数年立ちますが、今年のこのキルトはここ数年で一番気に入ってるかも。。。。

キルティングのお供は古い映画と 温かいミルクティーです。

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Love affection

I finally finished my oldest UFO! Oh, boy am I glad. :-)

I don't know why I took forever to finished this 48"x48" sized quilt....I finished much larger quilts faster.
I hung this quilt up to take a picture and Yes, I LOVE this quilt!
I really do. :-)
I wanted to make this quilt to looks like an antique's and I think it came out pretty good. :-)
Well, one UFO down and how many more to go....????
Gosh...I don't wanna even think about it!!! *LOL*



Sunday, January 13, 2008

Patriotic Delivery

Today I worked on my wall-hanging.
I put on the border. But it's not finished yet.
I need to sprinkle more stars around the borders.

As you see in this picture, I have fifteen more stars.... Sigh....

I also pieced the backing together.
When I finish this quilt top, I'll be able to do the basting right away.
My backings, most of the time, are fabrics that are left over from other project.
I just love the results of the backing that I pieced togetter. I enjoy the quilt's back the same as I do the front.



Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sweet Land Of Libery friends

Beth from Beth's Crafts invited me to the Sweet Land Of Liberty BOM-Along group.This group's members are currently working on Cheri Saffiote-Payne's SLOL BOM online.
Their blocks are very primitive and wonderful!!!! It's just my taste! :-)
I'm so glad that I have so many very talented friends to share my quilting with and to keep my motivation up for my SLOL quilt. :-)
私のUFOであるSweet Land Of LibertyキルトをネットのグループでやっているBethさんとJudyさんからお誘いを受けて、彼女達のグループに参加する事にまりました。
私もこのグループに参加する事によって、今年の目標である「UFO Buster」を少しでもなくせる事が出来ればって思ってます。

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Buddy

I received this Christmas gift from my quilting buddy Lisa in CA today.
Boy, she knows my taste!!!
I just mentioned that I love Jo Morton several days ago on this blog, didn't I? *LOL*
Although, I don't have these fabrics in my stash and I love all of her fabric choice.
I can tell who designed these fabrics even if I don't unwrap them. One is Minick & Simpson from Moda! *LOL*
Lisa used to said to me, If there was a quiz show about fabrics (Like Jeopardy) I can entry and win. *LOL*
The pattern in the picture is Cheri's. Lisa and I adore her quilts. :-)
Lisa and I used to shop hop all the quilt shops in our area and go to some of the quilt shows. Oh, Gosh.... I miss her so much....

Judy, You are right!my favorite quilt shop in southern CA is The Country Loft and The Fat quarters quilt shop. :-)

Speaking about fabrics.
Marilyn just asked me how I was able to get repro fabric in Japan.
Marilyn, here's my secret.:-D
I bought a lot of fabrics when I was living in the U.S and shipped them here with me house hold goods. Now I keep then up by ordering from online shops. You can see this messy antique pie safe full of fabrics!
They are pre-washed and ready to cut anytime. :-)
AND this is not all of my stash! I have one closet full of fabrics.....that I'm scared to open....It might cause a fabric avalanche *LOL*

Well, about Japanese quilts and fabrics, I went to Tokyo's international quilt show and saw a lot of beautiful Japanese quilts.
I didn't see any "Primitive"style quilt.
Taupe color fabrics are very popular in Japan.
Have you ever heard about Yoko Saito?
She is a famous quilt and fabric designer here in Japan and I like her also. :-)


CAに住む私のQuilting buddyことLisaからクリスマスプレゼントが届きました。さすが、私の事をよく知ってる布選び。。。。(笑)他には先日ここでも話題にしたCheriさんのパターンなど。彼女も私もCheriさんが大好きです。彼女と私はよくキルトショップを回ったりキルトショーに出かけたりしていたのが昨日の事のよう。あぁ、懐かしい~。



Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I finally finished my WQSQ. Yapp-p-p-p-ppiiiiii!!!!!!
I hope my swap partner likes this quilt.
I used Cheri Saffiote-Payne's pattern called "Log Cabin".
She is another one of my favorite designers. :-) Her quilts and fabric choices inspired me so mush. The first quilt book that I bought is her 301 Country Christmas quilt blocks and its still my favorite. :-)

When I lived in southern California and my LQS often display her quilts and lots of her patterns.(I miss that shop so much...)

I was so please to see her beautiful quilts in person.:-)

I finished her Americana BOM called "Sweet Land Of Liberty" top last year but didn't have time to quilt it yet.
This is ANOTHER UFO *LOL* that I need to finish, hopefully...this year. :-)

パターンは私の好きなデザイナーさんの一人Cheri Saffiote-Payneさんのものです。
ところで、実は彼女のAmericana BOM Sweet Land Of Libertyを制作中だったのですが、既にTopは出来上がっています。が。。。。しつけをかけるのが面倒で未だキルティングに取り掛かっていないという。。。。

*コメントを残してくれる皆さん、いつもありがとうございます。 ここ最近、日本以外の国の方々もコメントを残してくださってるのですが、「英語圏」のブログでは、どうも自分のブログにコメントを残して下さった方々には、その方のブログに遊びに行ってコメントを残すような形を皆さん取られています。